About Us

HiKash make it easy for people in Kenya to access smart loan. Anytime, Anywhere with internet, apply in seconds with your phone and receive money straight into your M-PESA account. Our goal is to provide a fast, simple and secure loan service.


Financial Literacy

Eligibility Criteria

Loan Repayment


Q1: Borrow only what you can repay?

A: Make sure you understand exactly wht it means if you borrow money. you must ask the creditor to give you all the information. The creditor must give you all the information in language you can understand.

Q2. Before you borrow money?

A: Remember it is cheaper to repay loans over a shorter period, Ask what the interest rate is and work out what this means for you, Compare interest rates. Look at the small print , which explains all the terms and conditions. Remember that interest rates could change, and your installment could increase. Calculate extra costs like administrator fees into your installment.

Q3. Budget for repayments?

A: Pay debts on time. tell your creditor if you cannot pay and make a new arrangement with your creditor.

Q4. Keep your Pin private?

A: Never give your details over the phone unless you called the person or know exactly who you are talking to.

Q5: Can my repayment period be extended?

A: If you keep a good credit record with HiKash, we can provide a term extension service when your loan is almost overdue or is already past due. You'll be charged a service fee to earn this extension period. For loans already overdue, you'll need to pay the service fee plus the penalty charges accrued.

Q1: Who can apply for a loan?

A: Loans are not limited your profession,income or any other conditions. As long as you are 20-50 years old, you have a fixed income and phone number, you can apply for our loan.

Q1: how to repay Hikash loan ?

A: you can pay your loan through app or M-Pesa. just click ""Pay loan now"" in app and follow the steps you can finish the payment simply. if you choose Mpesa: Business paybill:181169 Account: your loan number. Amount: your loan amount.

Q2: Can I repay the loan early ?

A: Early repayment is accepted. We strongly encourage you to repay your loan on time to increase your loan limitation.

Q3: what will happen if my loan going to overdue?

A: Late loan repayments automatically incur a fee of 2% of your loan per day. it is therefore advised that one dose not exceed the due date, it's will forzen your loan limitation and caused late fee, if you are very late on your payment, we will report to the Credit Reference Bureau(CRB), blacklisting by the CRB may affect your ability to borrow from other lenders.

Q4: What happends if I overpay my loan?

A: after reconciliation of all payments, excess funds will be reversed to your M-Pesa account within 15 days.

Q1: Howe can I get the latest version of HiKash?

A: kindly go to Google Play, and search for "HiKash", then click "update"

Q2: Forget passwords?

A: Kidnly go to log-in page and click "forget password?"

Q3: More help?

A: For further information, Kindly contact us via: Whats App (0794896357) , Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HiKash-100396794799931), Customer Care hot line(0794896360)

Q4: Which operator does HiKash support?

A: Currently we only support Safaricom, Other operators will be coveraged in the near future.